War Dog Reunites With His Best Friend


Working canines in the military receive extensive training. They are trained to help soldiers and police officials in some of the most hazardous situations on earth by sniffing out explosives and drugs. As a result, the relationship that develops between a handler and a dog is special and goes beyond that of a pet and owner. Szultan, a disgruntled German shepherd with a bone-crushing bite, was given to Staff Sgt. Angela Lowe for training, and she knew it would take a lot of time and patience. However, after they hit it off, their friendship became solid, and Lowe realized she could rely on Szultan. Lowe eventually had to leave the Air Force due to the persistent strain on her body from training dogs.

Szultan, though, remained on her mind throughout the years, and when she learned the dog was being retired, she knew she had to find a way to bring him back. Lowe contacted Mission K9 Rescue, a charity that specializes in finding new homes for military working dogs, because he was unable to drive out to Joint Base Charleston to pick him up. Kristen Mauer and Louisa Kastner, co-founders of Mission K9, intervened to reunite Szultan and Lowe, as they have done for many other dogs.


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