One day, a two-year-old girl caressed the ‘beautiful’ XL bullies before they broke into her yard and assaulted her.


The day before the XL bullies assaulted her and broke into her yard, a 2-year-old girl patted them.
Two-year-old Ella had only the day before the assault, when she had touched the dogs of her aunt’s neighbour, and she was left requiring years of medical care as a result.

Sandra recalled, “It was one of those hot days, and we were having a little picnic in the garden,” in an interview with The Liverpool Echo. The kids were playing and running about after we had cooked some cakes. Since Ella had been giving them head pats the day before and they were cute dogs, we didn’t really give it much thought even though we could hear the dogs next door. I was smiling when I heard the next thing, but then I saw the dog’s eyes, which I will never forget. I also saw one of the dogs heads over the fence.”

Five XL Bullies immediately headed for Ella when Sandra ordered Ella’s relatives, who were waiting outside the house’s rear door, to go inside. Ella began to scream, and they began to circle us, one after the other chasing for her and me, the woman added. It happened exactly one at a time; it was as if their instincts seized over. It was like tug-of-war with a newborn at one point. She was gripped by them by the face, and I was yanking her legs to free her. I once fell, but I knew I had to get back up to protect Ella and make sure they couldn’t reach my neck.”

The five XL bullies and pups that had broken over the fence were diverted by the guy who owned the dogs, who suddenly materialised in Sandra’s yard. Sandra had enough opportunity to “scoop” Ella up and bring her into the home thanks to this. Soon after first responders got on the scene, Ella was rushed to Aintree Hospital to have a nine-hour operation for a variety of injuries to her body.

“Her face just didn’t look like her; it was swollen and covered in stitches, and it broke your heart,” Sandra said. There were wounds close to her eye, her face was protruding, and her scalp was visible. She was only gushing blood everywhere. She wore a crimson shirt that was white.” In all, 18 XL bullies were discovered inside the home; four of them were demolished by law enforcement. According to Sandra, Ella “broke down in tears” upon hearing that the dogs had been put to death because she believed “the dogs were killed because of her.”

“After the attack, all Ella wanted was to be in the dark,” Sandra said. She and her relatives were afraid of everything, even flies, that they couldn’t talk to. They continued questioning, “Why did they attack us?” even after we spent years teaching kids that it’s not just dogs. I was unable to eat or sleep, and when I was eventually permitted to return home, there was still blood all over the place. Her little footsteps, mine, and the blood stains behind the door were visible to me in the yard. It took them months to go.”

At the age of nine, Ella had treatment at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital before being released from the facility last year. She’s got over her phobia of animals and now she has Ralphie, a French Bulldog. Fortunately, Sandra doesn’t recall the assault, but she expressed sympathy for me since I remembered and saw it. She’s gorgeous; that’s simply the kind of child she is. She is losing the scars on her face and body. She would simply respond, “I was attacked by five dogs,” when others inquire about what occurred.”
According to Sandra, seeing a rise in dog attacks in the last year “takes her back” to the tragedy that occurred in her backyard seven years before. “I just go cold every time I hear someone has been attacked, by any breed,” the woman said. I hope everyone involved is well and gets over it as it simply brings me back to that day. I believe that the decision ultimately rests with the dog’s owner. What do you suppose will happen if it receives poor treatment?”


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