Two million people have watched a handsome cowboy deal with a “aggressive” horse that was going after its owner.


It’s beautiful how he makes a bond with him right away.

Ryan Rose got a golden glow from the sun as he trained in the green pen.
Ryan has been a horse teacher and clinician for a long time. He started his career in 2005. Ryan walked into the ring with an air of calm authority, ready to take on the task.This “aggressive”-looking horse has a reputation for going after its owner.
Ryan spent years learning from some of the best horsemen in the world, so he had a deep knowledge of and respect for these beautiful animals.
Ryan’s years of skill were clear as he worked with the horse. He talked about small things, like how the horse’s feet moved slightly, which was a sign of struggle.

Ryan’s journey from being a teacher to a real horseman taught him how important these little things are, because they can show whether a horse sees a person as a friend or a threat.
Ryan showed off the skills he had learned over the years by using a flag as a tool. With its visible presence, the flag was like an extension of Ryan’s arm, letting him claim space and show who was in charge without touching anyone. It was clear that Ryan’s ways weren’t about using force. Instead, they were about talking to the horse and making sure it knew what the rules were.
Ryan talked about the difference between “yielding” and “confidence.” He did this by drawing on his many classes and clinics around the world.
He said that it’s important for a horse to obey a person, but it’s just as important for the horse to trust the person. This balance is the key to the relationships he wants to help horses and their owners build.

As the exercise went on, Ryan brought out another tool: a stick and a piece of string. This tool, which was an important part of his training programme in Wisconsin, made exchanges more precise.
Ryan used it to lead the horse, teach it to back up when he told it to, and even pet it gently to build even more trust.
Ryan’s method, which was a mix of firmness and kindness, showed how much he wanted horses and people to get along well with each other.
He said that every deed should be done with the right intentions. This was something he had learned from years of studying and teaching.
Ryan knows that horses are very good at figuring out what people want.
He used this information to help himself. Ryan talked about what he had learned from his years of experience as he thought about the lesson.
He pointed out that horses get worried not because they are under pressure but because they don’t understand what is going on. His methods, which he had perfected over years of teaching and competing, especially in ranch versatility, were based on making sure the horse knew everything he said, did, and wanted.

The horse owner, who had been there the whole time, also gave her thoughts. She realised how important it was to have a plan and how important it was to find a balance between “draw” and “drive” methods. Ryan’s methods, which were based on his years of experience and passion, gave her a new way of thinking about how to communicate with her horse, with an emphasis on clear communication and mutual respect.

As the sun went down and put a warm glow over the arena, Ryan Rose’s session showed how close people and horses can be to each other.
It was a dance of trust, understanding, and respect.
It’s easy to see why over 2 million people have watched this amazing show of riding led by a real horseman like Ryan.
See how quickly Ryan and this wild horse form a bond in the video below.
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