When prairie dogs see their mom, they yell “Yahoo!” and give her lots of love and hugs.


It could be fun to be able to keep wild or unusual animals as pets.
But as responsible pet parents, we need to make sure we’re ready. It’s not enough to care for them because you love them, have time, and money.
You also need to know about their species, how to care for them properly, and what they need to be healthy and happy.

Sarah Thompson was given the chance to be a furmom to two cute prairie dogs two years ago, and she jumped at the chance.
Sarah knew that the two prairie dogs couldn’t live on their own in the woods, so she started by looking for a vet.
Then she did studies to find out how to take good care of them.
Sarah shared her first TikTok video with one of the prairie dogs on May 25, 2021.
You’re right! She got two cute prairie dogs, which she named Pablo and Pedro.
Like with other pets, Sarah learned a lot by taking care of them.

She learned that Pedro and Pablo, who were both babies at the time, liked to eat a lot. Sarah had to feed them all the time, too.
The prairie dog is not a real dog. They are small mice with thick bodies that are related to squirrels.

They live in complex underground homes called colonies or towns. They are very social animals.
We also know prairie dogs by their specific warning calls, which we call a “bark” or a “chirp.

Sarah calls them “yahoos” because the sound they make sounds like a tiny “yahoo.”
She also found that putting their box in the middle of the house helps them.
Since prairie dogs are very social, Pedro and Pablo could hear and see the family.
When they have time, they also like to walk around the house.
Since burrowing is what they do best, they would always do it in Sarah’s laundry tubs.
Sarah and her family would usually find the two of them sleeping under the pile of clothes.
She also said that Pablo follows her everywhere and has made it his job to stop Sarah from doing anything.
So, family members call them “productivity suckers.”
We can’t say anything different because they are so cute, big, and sweet.
Who would have thought that prairie dogs could be so cute and cuddly?
Sarah says that they are the kindest animals she’s ever seen.
If you think Pedro and Pablo would be happy just sleeping next to Sarah, you are wrong.

These two sweet prairie dogs wouldn’t be happy just cuddling.
They want you to pet them and show them all of your love.
Sarah says that when you stopped touching them, they would look at you and say, “Mom! How come you stopped?”
Sarah said that prairie dogs wouldn’t be happy just staying at home.
They need to move around a lot, eat well, breathe fresh air, and play outside.
She tells everyone that prairie dogs are not for everyone, even though they are cute, fluffy, sweet, and smart.
To take care of these cute animals well, you need a lot of kindness, knowledge, and practise.


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