After her grandpa dies, a woman takes in his cat, not knowing that this will change her life.


If you decide to get a pet, you have to be willing to take care of it.

As we welcome these beautiful souls into our homes and hearts, we agree to put their health, happiness, and well-being first until we can.

There will be times when we worry about what will happen to our pet, even if we get sick or die.

Angela Refuse cared so much about her grandparents and wanted to spend her time taking care of them.

She remembered that her grandfather worried about Mackenzie, the cat he loved the most.

Angela’s grandpa, who was 85 years old, didn’t want Mackenzie to go to a shelter in case he died.

Angela chose to take in Mackenzie, the 15-year-old cat that her grandparents had as a pet. Her grandfather was happy to know that his beloved Mackenzie would be taken care of.

Some might say that Mackenzie is a bit strange.

People who knew her said she was always grumpy and would tell everyone about it.

As Angela and Mackenzie spent more time together, Angela saw that Mackenzie was just like her new pet cat, but she was also nice and sweet.

Angela and Mackenzie would get close, and Angela would post their cute daily vlogs on TikTok.

She soon had more than 660K fans.

As she told her story, many people started to talk about how it made them feel.

Some of them even said they were in a similar situation and were worried about their pets.

Angela learned something important from what she went through.

She thought of an idea to help people who are old or dying worry less about their pets and what will happen to them.

On her grandfather’s birthday, May 18, 2021, Angela released “My Grandfather’s Cat.”
It is a safe place for people who are old or dying to find new homes for their pets.

This lets them watch the shift and feel good about it before they leave.

Angela has a trusted team that handles interviews, research, and other important tasks before they can find the right match.

The goal of My Grandfather’s Cat is to make sure that a beloved pet goes to a new forever home in the best way possible.

So many good things were said about the company.

Angela says that when she got so many requests from different people, it shocked her.
“My heart broke for them, and I couldn’t picture being in that situation and having to ask an organisation to make an exception. So, I changed our goal to include helping them,” Angela wrote on her website.

In February 2022, almost a year after the company started, the Canadian government officially registered My Grandfather’s Cat as a legitimate charity.

Angela was so happy because she knew that more people would hear about her goal.
When she meets a new client, their story warms her heart, and she handles all the deals herself.

Angela knows how important each pet is to her.

They’re not just animals; they’re members of the family. She knows that no one gets to feel alone or left out in a family.
My grandfather’s cat comes into play here.

A post from My Grandfather’s Cat told everyone close to them that Mackenzie had died, which was sad news.
She was 17 years old when she died in peace.
Even though it was sad news, Angela promised to keep doing her job as “My Grandfather’s Cat.”



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