Pit bull mama on the verge of giving birth begs man for help.


On a day that seemed normal, a kind person saw something that pulled at his feelings.
Near his house, he saw a scared pittie with a big belly, which meant she was about to give birth.
When he saw how bad her situation was and how much she needed help, he felt moved to help her.
He called Hope for Paws right away. Hope for Paws is a well-known rescue group that works hard to help animals in trouble.
Hope for Paws has made a name for itself by helping animals in need quickly and with a lot of care.

When they got the email about the pittie’s situation, they did something right away.
A group of determined volunteers was sent to the scene to see what was going on for themselves and help out as needed.
A beautiful video of the scene showed a touching moment that would make anyone’s heart melt.
As the helpers got out of their car, the anxious pit bull approached them with hope in her eyes, even though she was clearly upset.

It was almost as if she had been waiting for them with bated breath, knowing that they were her only hope.
The pit bull’s situation broke my heart.
She was alone in the cold, hungry, and about to become a mother. Her situation was very bad.
Even though she was very vulnerable, she put a lot of trust in the helpers.
With eyes that seemed to beg, she seemed to beg them for help.
The volunteers welcomed her because they knew she could be trusted, and she got in their car right away, ready to start her trip to safety and care.
When she got to Hope for Paws, the staff welcomed her with open arms and gave her the name Waffles.
A name that sounds as nice as she does.
They cared about her health and made sure she was cleaned up after living on the streets.
Not only was an ultrasound set up right away to find out when she was due, but also to check on the health of her unborn pups.
Waffles’s calm demeanour stood out during this whole process. This showed that she believed her rescuers and may have had an innate sense that she was finally safe.
The waiting room for the test was full of people who were excited.
As the vet did the checkup, Waffles smiled sincerely, perhaps because she was so grateful or because she was excited about becoming a mother.
Everyone was blown away by this kind act.

The ultrasound results proved what everyone already thought: Waffles was going to become a mum soon, probably in the next ten days.
Seeing how important it was for Waffles to be comfortable, During this important time, one caring Hope for Paws member made a personal choice.
They decided to take Waffles home with them so she could have her puppies in a calm and loving place.
This choice was the right one at the right time. Waffles had a healthy litter of puppies that same night. She was surrounded by warmth and love.
It was amazing to see how easily Waffles moved into her new role as a mother.
Considering how hard things had been for her lately, her instincts as a mother shone brightly.
Her story went from one of sadness to one of hope, making this pit bull’s Mother’s Day a very special one.
Waffles was saved by Hope for Paws.
From their base in Los Angeles, they continue their good work of helping animals in trouble and speaking out against animal abuse.
Their hard work makes sure that stories like Waffles’ finish well.
Because they didn’t give up, Waffles and her kids now have a loving home where they can be loved.
In the movie below, you can see how Waffle was saved and how her puppies were born.


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