150+ Memorable Horse Show Names to Get You Started


Your horse should still be the talk of the show even if you don’t win a blue ribbon.

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Barn names are often shorter than horse show names, which may be whimsical, adorable, or sophisticated. While you may often choose your horse’s display name in open horse shows, there are some contests where you must use your registered name. It might take some thought and imagination to come up with the ideal horse show name. When naming your gorgeous showstopper, consider your horse’s personality as well as the show event.

Which Horse Show Names Make Sense?

Horse show names that seem cute and whimsical are a good choice.

An uncut diamond

A Sunshine Ray

A Glimmer of Grace

Lady Luck

Past the Stars

Unflappable Grace

A Classy Dance

Ascending Star

Intangible Cloud

An icy breeze

babbling stream

Summertime Heatwave

Shining Glow

A Fresh Wind

A Delicious Joy

List Horse Names That Include the Term “Blue”

Blue is a beautiful colour for horse names, but they work particularly well for dapple grey or blue roan horses. It’s also a fantastic method for drawing in a blue ribbon!

A Blue Moon

Little Blue

Blue Skies Up Front

Enormous Blue Sea

large blue eyes

Royal Velvet

lucid azure water

Intense Blue Yonder

Blue Little Boy

Unexpectedly Blue

Vibrant Blue

Sky Blue

heavenly blue

Indigo Violet

Blue Oxford

Color-Inspired Show Names for Brown Horses

Ideas for brown horse show names are often influenced by brown objects, such as cinnamon or coffee.

Joyful young equestrian and horse

Leaves of Autumn

Hot Cinnamon

Brown Sugar with Sweetener

mug of coffee

Warm Cocoa

Lattes au café

Beer-Root Float

Stormy and dark

An Autumn Evening

Bright Horse Show Titles for Leapers

The names of these athletic horses who jump well are shown in horse shows!

Above the Skies

Taking Off

Against Gravity

Starry Evening

Illuminate the Sky

Warm-Air Float

Overhead the Clouds

Beyond Infinite and Upward

Takeoffing Into Space

Setting Foot Among the Stars

All set for takeoff

Lifting Off

Spring Frog

Take Off for Joy

Leaping Through Barriers

Leap Forward

heavenly wings

Show Names for Stallions and Geldings

To fit these free-spirited guys, geldings and stallions have whimsical names in horse shows.

scurrying in the rain

A Roaring Tornado

Get up and shine!

A Quiet Storm

Attempt to Nab Me

Brilliant Moonlight

Returning Home

Free Riding

Travel With Me

Work of Magic

Names of Mares and Fillies in Horse Shows

Mares entering horse shows may want to choose names with a more feminine flair, such as “queen,” “rose,” or “beautiful.”

Magnificent Beauty

Dreamer Forever

A snapshot of Grace

heavenly lavender

Taken Hopes

dazzling gold

A New Day

An Unused Start

Dawning Sun

Keeping Up With Ruby

Frost Queen

The Aromatic Rose

Glistening Lake

Glow of Candles

Grey Beauties’ Horse Show Names

The colour of a greyhound’s coat may serve as inspiration for show name selection. You have a wide range of colour choices for your show horse, from light grey to smoky.

tempestuous cloud

chilly steel

Brilliant Silver

Tea with Earl Grey

Black Wolf

Outfit in Armour

Mirrors and Smoke

Fasten your seat belt

Cobblestone Road That Winds

Granite Head

Rough Rock Quarries

Adorable Horse Show Titles You Will Like

It’s not necessary to conclude charming show names with “Cutie” or “Sweetie.” You may make very adorable names using interesting objects like food.

Names for horse shows

Syrup with Waffles

Grits & Biscuits

Fluffy White Clouds

Houston Railroad

Hugging Bug

Exuberant with Joy

Glimmer & Glow

Pink Bath Fizzy Soak

Aromatic Rosemary

A Smidge of Sunlight

A Windy Day

Sleeping Hour

Classy & Elegant Names for Horse Shows

For a show horse, elegant horse show names are an obvious choice. You can’t go wrong with one of these stylish names, what with their graceful walk and eye-catching appearance.

Flowing Ivy

Taking a Poise Walk

Stroll Over the Water

Light a Path

An Calm Morning

The Dawn’s Break

Severing the Shore

Unwavering Love

Lightning and thunder

Leaning Forward

A Soulful Step

Adopt the High Path

Taking Off

sandy coastlines

Fast Tip

The show name of your horse may reveal much about their character, likes and interests, in addition to the registered name which provides extensive information about their pedigree.

Innovative Horse Show Titles to Make Them Stand Out

Inventive horse show names can help you stand out from the crowd. Are you as infatuated with “Radio Static” for horses as we are?

Chilly as Ice

Maintaining My Balance

Smouldering Comet

Leaping Ahead

Free Motion

Large Exit

In the Dark Flash

A Delightful Investigation

Moon Intent

An Old Fashion

A Glimmer of Hope

Silent Canyon

Static Radio

Harmony Sign

Getting a Fire Started

Grab a Photo

The White Mountains

Arctic Ocean Ice

Take a Chance

Inventive Names for Horse Shows

You may be as “out there” with your unique horse show names as you’d like! Other species’ names or even a line from your best novel might serve as inspiration.

A young rider with her mount

English Rural Landscape

Quaker Dragon

Brutal Mountainside

Smouldering Fire

Taken Away

Getting Into You

All I Require

Ascent Comet

Violently ignoring red lights

Afternoon Above the Canyon

Beach Breeze

Putting on Dreams

After the Storm

Navigating the Seas

Why Are Show Names Given to Horses?

The purpose of show names for horses is to prevent names from being too similar amongst horses competing. This makes sense since three Black Beautys fighting against each other would be a bit confusing! Horse owners may also express their creativity by creating unique show names. Thus, while deciding on a name for your unique horse, feel free to be as creative as you want.

Choosing Show Horse Names

If you haven’t yet discovered the perfect name, don’t give up. It might take some effort to come up with the ideal show name for your equine. Use your horse’s personality, appearance, characteristics, and talents to help inspire your writing. Just remember to be patient with yourself. Make a list of your top naming choices and consult your horse for guidance. They’re likely to react best to the name they like the most.


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