A wild deer lies down next to a lady in order to show her need for assistance.


When the lady saw the deer, she knew something was wrong.

Nature’s Call
In a world where nature often sends distress signals, whether via natural disasters or endangered species, it is our obligation as humans to react. Sometimes the cry for aid is subtle but urgent—a solitary animal in need reaching out in its own way.

Eva, a deer
In one moving case, a wild deer called Eva sought assistance from a kind human.Eva wasn’t just any deer; she was a recognised figure in the neighbourhood.She is known to travel through Rasa and Marlis’ farm with her herd during their migration, which is both natural and essential.

Familiar Faces
Deer are adaptive species that thrive in a wide range of environments, from meadows to rainforests.
When human society encroaches on their environment, some deer, like Eva, get acclimated to it.For Eva, Rasa, and Marlis, the garden became more than just a stopping point; it became a secure and familiar place, almost like a second home.
Mapping Migration. Recognising the significance of these natural excursions, the US Geological Survey has launched a study to track the migratory paths of large game species such as mule deer and moose.The objective is to keep their trips safe and unencumbered.
Despite these measures, the journey is dangerous, and accidents may still occur during these migrations.

Eva’s Injuries
Rasa and Marlis found Eva laying motionless in their garden one fateful day.They could tell something was wrong.It wasn’t like her to simply lay there. Marlis approached Eva with a worried heart and saw two scratches on her back, evident indicators of suffering and agony.

A Soft Touch
Marlis made no hesitations. She tenderly inspected Eva, running her hands over the deer’s legs, tummy, and head. This comforting touch seemed to settle the agitated animal, signalling trust and comfort between them.
A strong, unspoken kinship was forged in that instant.
Healing Hands.
Recognising Eva’s need for attention, Marlis retrieved a rescue salve prepared from natural floral extracts.
She put this ointment to Eva’s wounds, which seemed to help the ill deer.
Eva’s eyes appeared to soften as Marlis worked, showing her contentment and relief.

A Thankful Handshake
Eva replied to Marlis’ benevolence with what looked to be a “foot massage,” a sensitive encounter that seemed to symbolise her thanks.

Nature’s Role
This tale serves as a sad reminder of our responsibilities as Earth stewards.We are bestowed with the task of nurturing and protecting our fellow animals because of our particular ability to assist those who cannot always help themselves.

Marlis did more than only cure Eva’s wound; she also worked as a carer for the environment around her.

May this narrative encourage us all to reach out with our hands and hearts to the species with whom we share this planet.

Every act of kindness, no matter how tiny, contributes to the healing of our world, one animal at a time.

In the video below, Marlis looks after Eva.
Eva seemed to be expressing ‘thank you’ in her own, passionate manner.


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